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About us

The association is an interdisciplinary association of bona fide scientists who are concerned with homocysteine and hyperhomocysteinemia, relevant vitamins, associated biomarkers, genes and diseases in this context in a broad sense.

We are convinced that the foundation of HEP was a necessary step, which meets the demand of our potential partners. The association is designated to be a modern and progressive basis for the implementation of homocysteine related projects. The topic homocysteine will be promoted on a high scientific level in cooperation with our sponsoring members.

The list of our founding members reflects a combination of senior and junior researchers, as well as members with a commercial background. The HEP concept is international and aims to develop an european action potential.

Individual persons (regular members, corresponding members and honorary members) and institutions (incorporated members, or ‘sponsors’) can become members. They are obligated to the association’s statutes and supporting the association’s objectives. Regular members must be bona fide experts in the topic. Scientific respectability and the proof of expertise are a precondition. Membership can only be acquired with an invitation from the executive.

Institutions (companies, industry, public law institutions etc.) and private persons that are interested in the association’s purpose and are willing to promote the association’s work can be admitted as incorporated members (or ‘sponsors’). Membership must be preceded by a written declaration of accession. The executive decides on acceptance in each case. If you are interested to join HEP please fill out our contact form.