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Fat Soluble Vitamins Congress 2017

16 th Fat Soluble Vitamins Congress - March 21-23 2017 - Paris (France)

Information: http://www.fsv-paris2017.com


The French Society for Vitamins and Biofactors (SFVB) and the Scientific Committee invite you to join the XVIe Fat Soluble Vitamins Congress. Started in 1960 in the UK then touring Europe every 4-5 years, the last XVe FSV has been held in Kalabaka (Greece, 2012) and was organized by Dr. AnargyrosMoulas. The present Committees followed the general guidelines of these meetings to present participants with an overview of the most recent knowledge on diverse aspects of Fat Soluble Vitamins.

Since the discovery of these vitamins in the 1900s, many studies have been conducted to characterize their chemical structures, their metabolism and the mechanisms of their biological actions. Today, the on-going studies still investigate their potential beneficial role on metabolic disorders, underlying some worldwide spread diseases such as obesity and related diseases. The present meeting precisely plans update the most recent data in this respect, and it is hopefully expected to bring new perspectives and extension of the acquired knowledge. The final schedule of the meeting will be built when all the participants’ contributions are sent to the scientific committee.

Papers on improved analytical aspects, on new findings on absorption and bioavailability, and on the use of high throughput technologies for an integrated view are all welcome. Data on the recent strategies to alleviate deficiency of fat soluble vitamins in developing and emerging countries are also welcome. Modern societies are nowadays interested not only in the nutritional value of foods but also in disease prevention and health promotion. Under this perspective epidemiological and clinical studies on the health effects of fat soluble vitamins and papers about functional foods with fat soluble compounds are expected. The meeting will also attempt to open the question on whether some other fat soluble biofactors can exhibit vitamin-like effects. Besides some expected works recently undertaken, this topic will be illustrated with lutein-zeaxanthin, as described through their specific accumulation in the macula and their relationships with age-related macular degeneration. This open-mind proposals aims at targeting the young scientists who are particularly wished and expected to participate. Help to participate in the meeting and attractive poster awards will be offered to them.

With your contribution, the Scientific Committee will set up an attractive scientific program that will allow to listen to outstanding international speakers. We are delighted to already welcome you in France and to discover the romantic Paris capital during the wonderful spring season.

The Organizing Committee