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Titel: Correlation of serum homocysteine and previous history of gestational diabetes mellitus.
Datum: 20-05-14


Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a common pregnancy condition. In this study, the risk of having a history of previous GDM (pGDM) on serum homocysteine level was assessed.


Biomedical parameters, serum homocysteine, Insulin, homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) in women with (n = 52) and without pGDM (n = 51) were assessed. According to their current status of Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT), the participants in each group were divided into two subgroups of normal or impaired GTT.


Mean serum homocysteine in normal women was 8.56 ± 3.19 vs 11.44 ± 7.34 μmol/L (p < 0.01) in women with pGDM. Two groups had significant differences in respect to serum insulin levels (8.35 ± 5.12 vs 12.48 ± 5.44, p < 0.002), and HOMA-IR (1.90 ± 1.30 vs 2.91 ± 1.30, p < 0.002). In women without pGDM, serum homocysteine in normal and impaired GTT were 7.60 ± 1.69 and 10.52 ± 3.65 μmol/L (p = 0.03), respectively, while in women with pGDM, the figures were 8.38 ± 2.52 and 14.00 ± 10.17 (p < 0.01), respectively. In multi regression analysis an association between history of GDM and homocysteine levels was presented (OR: 7.71, 95% CI: 1.67-35.42, p < 0.001).


A trend of elevation of homocysteine is presented in women with pGDM, that is more prominent in women with impaired GTT, and shows a significant correlation with history of GDM. Further studies with larger sample size are suggested.

Autoren: Alatab Sudabeh, Fakhrzadeh Hossein, Sharifi Farshad, Mirarefin Mojde, Badamchizadeh Zohreh, Ghaderpanahi Maryam, Hossein-Nezhad Arash, Larijani Bagher
Publikation: Journal of diabetes and metabolic disorders 2013;12:34
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